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WHAT IS a district committee?

Rotary district committees are essential teams within Rotary, comprised of individuals with strong club leadership backgrounds. Appointed by the district governor, these committees drive initiatives and support district activities. Examples include the Foundation Committee, the Youth Exchange Program, Public Image etc. We encourage anyone in our district with a passion for service and leadership to volunteer. Your skills can make a significant impact as we work together to achieve Rotary's goals, contributing to positive change in our communities. Join a committee and be a part of the Rotary mission to create lasting, meaningful impact. 

How can I join a committee?

Certain Rotary committees call for individuals with specific skills and responsibilities to ensure operations run smoothly and achieve successful outcomes. In such instances, the District Governor (DG) and committee chair actively seek out individuals who can meet these requirements. Most District committees welcome new members to join their efforts, provided their committee positions are not already filled. If you're interested in becoming part of a District Committee, don't hesitate to express your interest to the committee chair. Click Here for a list of all our District Committee Chairs.


 Open roles that entail specific criteria are listed below:
If you are interested in any of the positions listed below, please email DG Tom Crowley at thomasjohncrowley@gmail.com




Disaster Response Subcommittee Chair

The role is to inform, support, and connect clubs with a desire to respond to a disaster.
General Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Complete the Foundation “basics” course in The Learning Center.
  • As a member of the Foundation committee, attend a monthly Foundation meeting.
  • When disasters arise, coordinates projects with the lead club and supports members who wish to participate.
  • Assists lead club to disseminate/send out the information to the district.
  • Liaison to Shelterbox
  • Have and share knowledge of RI relief updates and special funds.
  • Keeps both the DRFC and the DG apprised of progress with the efforts.
  • Assure any communications from the lead club are compliant with Rotary International’s position of neutrality and non-partisanship.
  • Reinforces that District is not initiating the response, instead it is the club initiating the Disaster Outreach, and Disaster Chair/District is providing support.
If you are interested in this position, please email DG Tom Crowley at thomasjohncrowley@gmail.com