Israel Friendship Exchange
Dear Fellow Rotarians,
I am happy to announce an upcoming Friendship Exchange with Rotary District 2490 located in Israel.  Listed below are the specific details of this exchange.
If you are interested in participating on this RFE you must fill out the RFE application on the next page and email it to  no later than January 18, 2020. Please answer all questions on this application.
Due to the popularity of this program we have developed specific selection criteria in order that there is fair opportunity for everyone to participate.
Selection Criteria and RFE Rules & Guidelines are attached for your reference and information.
Everyone can apply to participate on a Rotary Friendship Exchange.
Yours in Rotary,
Rose Quaranta
D7255 RFE Co-Chair
RFE Israel District 2490 Details:
Dates: USA to Israel – July 6-17, 2020 - Israel to USA – October 2-14, 2020
Team: Mostly couples, few singles, no children.
Financial Responsibilities: Airfare, meals eaten outside of host family home, transportation outside of District 2490, possible hotel accommodations, entrance fees to tourist attractions.
Proposed Itinerary District 2490 – Israel: Tiberias, Nazareth, Acre, Caesaria, Haifa, Nahariya, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem.