Rotary launches New Membership Recognition Program
To recognize those who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment and success in growing our membership, we have launched a new recognition program. The Membership Society for New Member Sponsors is a virtual gallery for those members who have sponsored 25 or more new members. Members can achieve different tiers of recognition as they continue to sponsor more members.
The recognition levels are:
Bronze Level: Sponsored 25-29 members
Silver Level: Sponsored 30-49 members
Gold Level: Sponsored 50-74 members
Platinum Level: Sponsored 75+ members
To be included in the Membership Society, an individual has to have sponsored 25 or more new members, and have reported those sponsorships to Rotary. New member sponsorship can only be between active members in the same club, and does not include charter members of a new club.
Contact us with any questions you may have about the new recognition program.
Source: Rotary International