Imagine if your charitable drives could run year round?  What if you could have a coat drive that ran in the spring, when many people are clearing out their closets and then keep gathering coats all summer and fall, so that come winter-time, your club is ready to distribute hundreds of warm coats.  Maybe your club does a shoe drive - perhaps a purse drive - or children's toys?  But how can you run a drive for such a long time?  Where would you put all of the donated items?  We have the solution!
The Commack-Kings Park Rotary Club has partnered with Westy's Self Storage in East Northport, to create a centralized repository for Rotary charitable donations.  
Run your drives and have the Commack-Kings Park Rotary and Westy's of East Northport be your drop-off points.  Get the goods there and they will go into storage at Westy's.  Once you've reached your collection goals, or the distribution date draws near, just contact Alexander Paykin, of the Commack-Kings Park Rotary, and schedule your pick-up time.  
Get the word out about your club's drives so that the entire district can help collect donations for your drive and have them centrally stored by Westy's.  Each club's drive can become bigger and better, with extended time periods and expanded means of collection.
Please contact Alexander Paykin of the Commack-Kings Park Rotary Club to have your drive listed as a participating drive...