Youth Conference FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions for the Rotary Youth Conference
  1. My student is interested in attending the Rotary Youth Conference, what does the $299 fee include?
    1. The fee covers the full conference (Thursday-Sunday) including water park admission, hotel room, and transportation from Long Island to the Poconos.  It also includes all meals.  It will NOT cover ancillary expenses such as arcade tokens, Escape Room, Snacks, Souvenirs or any other recreational activities outside of the conference and water park.
  1. What is the purpose of the conference and how will my student benefit from attending this conference?
    1. This is an educational conference designed to prepare your student for the next stage of their life, whatever that may be.  There will be sessions on leadership, diversity, test prep strategies, financial aid, resume writing, and several inspirational speakers.
  1. My student is a freshman in High School can he/she participate in this conference?
    1. Yes, the conference is open to all High School age youth.
  1. Will transportation be provided to and from the Conference? Is that included in the fee?
    1. Yes, transportation will be provided and is included in the fee YOU will need to dropped them off at a pickup point along Long Island Expressway.
  1. What is the itinerary for the trip?
    1. We will depart Long Island on Thursday starting at 9am.  Thursday will be an introductory business meeting where the rules & schedule will be laid out.  The conference general sessions and breakouts will be Friday and Saturday from 9 AM – 1 PM (roughly) with free time given to explore the water park from 1 PM until dinner.
    2. We will be departing resort after Brunch on Sunday returning to Long island later afternoon.
  1. Since the conference will be held on school days, can my student be given an absence note for their attendance.
    1. While each school district has varying attendance policies, we would be happy to provide a letter letting teachers or administrators know that your student was participating in a youth leadership development conference.
  1. Will my student be sharing a room? How many students will be housed in each room?
    1. Each room will have up to six students of the same sex, and three queen size beds.
  1. Will experienced chaperones be provided? How are the chaperones selected?
    1. Experienced chaperones will be provided, they are selected from Rotarians that regularly chaperone Rotary Youth Programs including several who have been background checked by the US state department and approved for work with our
      foreign exchange program. Many of them are current or retired educators.
  2. My student is on medication, who will monitor his/her usage?
    1. Refrigerators will be available in each room; however, your student will be responsible for managing their own medication.
  1. My student has food allergies; will accommodations be made for them?
    1. Yes, the Resort has a wide variety of options to help alleviate any food allergy issues.
  1. How much additional spending money will my child need to bring with them?
    1. This is subjective and depends on how many non-water park attractions your child would like to participate in however we recommend at least $75 to cover Friday Lunch, Friday Dinner, and Saturday Lunch.
  1. Will all activities take place at the resort?
    1. Yes, all activities including meals and breakout sessions will take place at the resort.
  1. During the time spent at the waterpark, will lifeguards be on duty?
    1. Yes, lifeguards are provided by the resort.
  1. What is the attire for the weekend?
    1. The attire for conference sessions and meals is business casual except for Saturday Dinner which is formal.  At all other times casual clothing is appropriate.
  1. What if I want my child to attend the conference but I want to attend as well?
    1. Adults may attend the conference as well however they would need to pay the full conference rate for adults which is currently $1,295 for Double Occupancy or $995 for single occupancy.
  1. How do I register my child for the conference? What paperwork is needed to complete his/her registration.
    1. Registration and payment can be done online at however once registered a permission slip and emergency contact form will be sent to each child who must have it filled out and returned before the conference.