District 7280 - Thursday Talk Show

Join us For District Thursday morning district wide "talk show" - we have some great guests coming up - Valarie, then Mark Maloney, Holger Knaack, and John Hewko.  We also have Julia Phelps and Johrita Solari in June.  You are all welcome and can share the info as you wish - perhaps we can collaborate in some way on these "shows" - they are on Zoom and also live streamed on Facebook at the same time so you can easily watch without needing to sign in to Zoom. If you choose Zoom, the password is 7820.  See above promo image for the upcoming show. Please note Atlantic time is one hour LATER than Eastern Time.
Louisa Horne
Chair of the District Leadership Team
District 7820 - 2019-20
Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland & Labrador, St. Pierre et Miquelon