Every Wednesday - From April 15th, 2020 To May 6th 2020- Evening @ 7 PM
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MID-NE PETS (President Elects & Assistant Govenor's)
Every Wednesday - From April 15th, 2020 To May 6th 2020- Evening @ 7 PM
(Stay Tuned For Login Information)


  • 3 of our 4 speakers will pre-record a video for you:  incoming RI President, Holger Knaak, incoming RI Director, Valarie Wafer, and Gift of Life International, CEO, Rob Raylman
  • Each of the 6 District Governor Elects will either MC the evening, or run a learning session for you (i'll see you on April 29th!)
  • LIVE Q&A to conclude each session
Our hospitality suite was going to highlight food and beverages across D7255 - Coney Island Hot Dogs & Brooklyn Brewery to North Fork Chips & Riverhead Cider House! 
Perhaps, to keep the spirit, you can order delivery/pickup from your favorite local restaurants these nights and keep the D7255 F&B Theme going =)


Wednesday evenings beginning at 7pm,  The format each week will generally consist of:
1. Intro by a DGE (2m)
2. Featured speaker or speakers (10m recorded)
3. PE learning session (45m recorded) + live Q&A (5-7m)
4. AG learning session (45m recorded) + live Q&A (5-7m)
The goal is to complete the entire program each Wednesday in less than 2 hours.  PE's and AG's should attend the entire sessions.  Each of the sessions will be recorded for future access and viewing from the MNE PETS website.
The following (previously) provided tools are attached:
A. Work Session Summaries & Discussion Leader Guides for your session(s).  These are effectively the outline of everything needed to cover.
B. Lead Your Club - President Manual 2019-22.  For the PE sessions, this is the full text of the material to be covered.
C. Primary Resources.  Will be referenced as they apply to the sessions.
D. MNE PETS Learning Plan on MyRotary Learning Center.  Familiarize yourself with the MNE Online Learning Plan by reviewing the courses that can/should be referenced as they apply to your sessions