March Thoughts from the DG
The beginning of Spring and we are a few months away from our conference in Saratoga Springs where we will share ideas and fellowship with our fellow Rotarians along with a group of Interact and RYLA students. The committee has been hard at work planning fun activities and hospitality. There is also plenty of free time to explore Saratoga Springs with its many shops and restaurants, the casino and racetrack, the natural spring spa, golf if you desire and the many trails throughout the state park. We hope to see you there May 2 nd through the 5 th . Registration is on the District website and we look forward to seeing you in Saratoga Springs!
It’s March and in the Rotary world the focus is on water and sanitation. In the states we take water for granted, you turn on the tap and let it run while you brush your teeth, take a drink, clean your dishes or wash your clothes. In many countries this is not an option. Water is scarce, and in many places the water is contaminated, impure, unpotable. However, this does not prevent children from drinking it, mothers from using it for cooking and bathing. Approximately 3000 children perish daily from water borne diseases. Totally unacceptable!
When considering projects to provide clean drinking water, either with wells, bio-sand filters or even the drinking straws also consider that proper sanitation is also needed. Some schools in 3 rd world countries have no latrines, or insufficient latrines to accommodate the number of children using them.

Locally, keep in mind that we need to be vigilant regarding our water also, not only the water we drink,
but the water that is discharged into our rivers, bays and the bodies of water surrounding our island.
There are many projects that can be implemented to prevent red tides which kill our shellfish, or even
projects that clean up the plastics and pollutants along our shores. Even if your club doesn’t participate in a water project, consider a donation to the Rotary Foundation Annual Fund to provide the necessary funding for other clubs to complete projects.
Finally, I felt this needed to be reposted from a prior district leadership meeting. I was skimming over
Facebook and came across an article about Rotary. Past RI President Cliff Dochterman (1992-93) was asked why Rotarians felt the need to attend weekly meetings. He replied, “because you never know who may need you”.
Think about you club and the friendships you have formed with the members that have come together to provide service. Who among them may be facing challenging times, be in despair, or are feeling lost?  YOU may be the person that they are waiting for to offer a shoulder, support or friendship. Whenever your club meets, don’t assume it’s ok to skip. One never knows who might be waiting for YOU to lift them up or change their life. That’s what differentiates a Rotarian!
“Be the Inspiration”
DG Shawn
News From Around the District
That's right.  It should be right here.  But instead, your club's story remains untold.  Have you had a successful event?  Are you looking for help on a project?  Want to tell us all about the new fundraiser you've had all that success with?  Well do we have a forum for you!  Just write up your story, maybe provide a picture or two (saves you a thousand words, after all), and send it all in reply to the next monthly bulletin.  That's it!  Your club's story will go on the district website and will be eligible to be featured in next month's bulletin.  Can we guarantee it will be in next month's bulletin?  Well, no, of course not!  But we can guarantee your club won't be featured if you submit nothing...  As of right now, we are not faced with excess content so odds are, if you write it, it will fit...
News from Rotary International
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Holger Knaack selected to be 2020-21 Rotary International

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Tunisian Interactors win 2018 Interact Video

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